Library ceiling tiles

Library ceiling tiles

The ultimate in quiet, libraries are where people go to concentrate and get work done. With advancements in tech, libraries are more than just a place to look for your next book. New, high-functioning libraries can have spaces for computer labs, recording studios, and even art spaces. All of these uses mean that the ceiling needs to have superior acoustical control and durability while also creating an environment where people can read, work, and research comfortably.

While a ceiling with balanced acoustic performance that absorbs and blocks noise is the main goal of any library ceiling, sound performance isn't the whole story. The best ones have a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and forms to provide the design flexibility to make any library quietly stunning.

Whether you are designing the new ceiling for the local public library, the library at a school or university, or a home library, the goal remains the same: create a focused and comfortable environment for anyone who enters.


What qualities matter most for library ceilings?

Acoustic control: The best ceiling tiles can not only absorb sound from within the space, but also block any unwanted noise from outside of the space.




Comfortable atmosphere: The look and feel that you want from your library ceiling can help create a relaxed ambiance to keep visitors coming back.




Healthy space: The best ceiling tiles can create a safer environment by keeping the clean air in and, when combined with other Kanopi products, filter bad air out.



Aesthetic design: The look of library ceilings can match the design you want, with a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and forms.





Armstrong ceiling tiles that fit any library


Library ceiling
Armstrong OPTIMA ceiling tiles are ideal for any library ceiling design because they have a 0.90 NRC, meaning they absorb 90% of sound. Additionally, they are great for light reflectance, are durable, and come in more standard sizes than any other product.



Library Ceiling
The excellent acoustic sound absorption and sound blocking from CIRRUS ceiling tiles will create a comfortable and functional library. The three different edge profiles and four different tile sizes means that you can design the ceiling to fit whatever you need.

3. ULTIMA Lay-In and Tegular

Library ceiling
Ceiling tiles can be suspended in standalone grids to add multiple layers of dimension to a space. ULTIMA Lay-In and Tegular ceiling tiles offer a square lay-in option, or you can add even more dimension with beveled tegular edges.


Library ceiling
CALLA ceiling tile, our smoothest finish mineral fiber tile, provides excellent acoustic performance including noise reduction and sound blocking.


Find library ceiling tiles with Kanopi

It’s easy to find your next library ceiling with Kanopi by Armstrong. We have a wide selection of ceiling tiles, so you’re sure to find the perfect combination of acoustic performance, that's aesthetically pleasing and provides a healthy solution for your space.

Contact an expert at Kanopi today to design a beautiful library ceiling.

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