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Everything you need to know about tegular ceiling tiles

Everything you need to know about tegular ceiling tiles

You’ve probably heard of a drop ceiling — ceiling tiles suspended in a metal grid that hangs below the structural ceiling. You may even know some of their many benefits, such as hiding ductwork and wiring, providing acoustic support and allowing targeted maintenance of HVAC and electrical systems.

However, there are a variety of tile customization elements that you can choose from to create a ceiling that perfectly meets your needs — size and shape, color, price, ability to be disinfected and cleaned, texture, sound-absorbing and sound blocking capabilities, and edge style.

Tegular ceiling tiles

Kanopi offers four edge profiles: Square lay-in, square tegular, rounded tegular, and beveled tegular. Square lay-in tiles are probably what you think about when you think of ceiling tiles, but the tegular options give your ceiling more character and style.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about tegular ceiling tiles. So, first things first…

What are tegular ceiling tiles?

Rather than being flush with the grid they’re suspended in, tegular ceiling tiles hang ¼” below the metal grid. The tegular edge can be square, creating a field of protruding spaces, or the edge can be angled or beveled to create a softer look.

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How to install a tegular drop ceiling

Whether you’re installing a tegular ceiling grid in a home, office, school or healthcare space, you can have it installed professionally or tackle installation yourself as a DIY project. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you follow the steps shown in the video below and check out some additional resources, you’ll be ready to start in no time.


Since tegular tiles have a decorative edge, it’s important to pay attention to the cuts on the border panels. Make sure that your cuts are on the correct side in order to maintain the tegular edge.

However, installation can be time consuming and difficult to get just right when doing it yourself. If you want to leave this project to the experts, Kanopi can help. Click here to book your free consultation.

Tegular ceiling tile maintenance

There are two cleaning options for tegular panels depending on the system you choose.

The first option is to use a commercial vacuum system. Using a 3” diameter wand with a natural hair bristle, use a blotting action to remove dust particles. Make sure to avoid using excessive pressure so the texture of the tiles isn’t damaged during the cleaning process. A HEPA vacuum filter will minimize airborne dust.

The second option is to use a clean, damp cloth or soft, smooth sponge paired with a mild, clear detergent. Using a detergent with dye can discolor the finish of some ceiling tiles. After removing the dust and dirt, make sure to dry any excess moisture with a white microfiber cloth. Moisture left on the tiles could stain the surface over time.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT TO REMEMBER is to carefully review the cleaning guidelines for your ceiling tile type. If you use the wrong cleaning method or material, you could void the warranty. Click here to review the cleaning guidelines for Kanopi ceiling tiles.


Cost of tegular ceiling tiles

The cost of tegular ceiling tiles varies greatly depending on the style and size that you choose. Price per square foot ranges from under $1.00 per square foot up to nearly $11.00 per square foot. Factors that impact price include sound absorption and sound blocking capability, whether or not they are disinfectable and scrubbable, sustainability, impact and scratch resistance, and material of the tiles (such as mineral fiber, fiberglass, metal, etc.) and more.

Design a stunning ceiling with tegular tiles

Tegular tiles give you the flexibility to create a stunning ceiling while still achieving acoustic performance and a clean environment.


Create a multi-layered design

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Tegular panels look so amazing that sometimes one ceiling just isn’t enough. This design uses ULTIMA Tegular tiles to create a multi-layered design to get even more acoustic benefit from the suspended ceiling as well as an added design element.



Add dimension

Ledges ceiling

Reminiscent of an old-world plaster ceiling but with superior acoustic performance, LEDGES tegular edge ceiling tiles add dimension to dress up an office or school while also adding sound blocking capability.



Incorporate a textured grid

MESA second look

The MESA Second Look tegular edge ceiling tiles use large panels that are scored to look smaller. This camouflages the grid so these fine-textured panels look like 24” x 24” ceiling tiles.


Install in healthcare applications

Empty hospital lobby

Part of the Healthier Spaces Collection, CALLA Health Zone tegular ceiling tiles provide a fresh look and can be disinfected with EPA-approved cleaners. Their smooth, drywall-like texture provides excellent sound absorption and blocking, while also being water-repellent and scrubbable.


Add acoustic performance

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Tegular acoustical ceiling tiles help to control noise in notoriously noisy environments. Schools, healthcare facilities and offices all benefit from the excellent acoustic sound absorption and blocking performance of Armstrong CIRRUS tegular acoustic tiles.


Choose the perfect tegular ceiling tile

Kanopi makes a wide range of tegular ceiling tiles for a variety of applications. From superior acoustic performance to impact resistance to sag/humidity resistance, you’re sure to find a product that checks all of your boxes.

Contact the experts at Kanopi today to explore our wide range of tegular edge ceiling tiles.



What are the 2 most common sizes of ceiling tiles?

The two most common ceiling tile sizes are 2x2 ceiling tiles and 2x4 ceiling tiles.

Are ceiling tiles good for soundproofing?

Ceiling tiles are a great option for soundproofing. However, they cannot do it all alone. There are other factors when it comes to soundproofing a room.

What does Tegular mean?

Tegular ceiling tiles hang ¼” below the grid. The tegular edge can be square, creating a field of protruding spaces, or the edge can be angled or beveled to create a softer look.

What is standard ceiling tile size?

Standard ceiling tile sizes are 2x4 or 2x2. There are many shapes and sizes available through


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