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Acoustical Accents - Square

Item #: FZ2139059

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Sound Absorption

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Sound Blocking

Fire Rating: Class A

Flame-spread 25 or less, smoke developed 50 or less
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Acoustical Accents

  • Item: FZ2139059
  • Color: White
  • Product dimensions: 44" x 44" x 1"
  • Package quantity: per kit / 8 pieces
  • Weight: 95 lbs

1. Determine your layout

Plan the layout of your panels measuring the available area and panel size before you begin.


2. Prepare wall surface

Thoroughly clean your wall with a clean rag to remove dust and debris. Further cleaning may be necessary in order to create a smooth, flat, clean surface. Allow the area to fully dry.


3. Attach tape to wall

Hang the template with painters tape on the wall in the location needed for the first two panels. Cut the needed strips of the permanent tape per the panel size being installed with scissors or a utility knife. Apply tape to the wall based on panel size. Laminate the tape to the wall surface using a roller, a putty knife, or a piece of rigid block and squeegee/wipe the tape with sufficient pressure to ensure good and uniform adhesive bond strength.

WARNING: Tape is considered permanent and non-removable. The panel will most likely be damaged if it needs to be removed from the tape after installation.


4. Install wall panel

Wearing cleaning gloves, install the Square panels by positioning them against the template locations and firmly press where the tape strips are located. Once the two panels are installed, carefully remove the template from the wall and place it in the next location. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the pattern is complete.


5. Completing the installation

Evaluate the installed panels to check for alignment and overall visual. If there is any extra dust or debris after installing, clean with a clean rag or damp cloth.


Download installation instructions

Not quite ready for DIY?
Learn more about Kanopi installation service

Most Armstrong ceilings and grid have a 30-year limited systems warranty when installed together and used under normal conditions.

Link to download

Panels with Sag, Mold, and Mildew Resistance have a 10-year limited, stand-alone warranty.

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Due to the carton sizes and weights, ceiling tile deliveries could be quite large and heavy. You can place a note on your order during checkout for special delivery instructions.

Pattern ideas

Bring down the noise, amp up the design

Add extra sound control to your noisy space with decorative, easy to install teardrop wall panels.

Sound Absorption (NRC)

Frequently asked questions

There is no minimum order requirement on However, to qualify for free shipping your order must be over $750.

These products are ideally suited to open spaces and high traffic, high impact areas because of their acoustic ability and their impact and scratch resistance. In addition, TECTUM panels hold up well in high moisture areas like swimming pools.
Please check the installation method. Panels can be attached directly to walls and ceilings in forms of panels, clouds, and square or curved and some panels are meant to install using our standard grid systems.
It is recommended to change ceiling tiles out every 10 years. We have a 10-year warranty on most ceiling tiles. You can always patch and match a few tiles in the interim to transform any space or fix damages.
Panels can be field painted up to six times without impacting acoustic or fire performance. For minor dings and scratches, we recommend using a Sharpie in a similar color.
To find replacement tiles, you will need to find the item number of your current tiles. You can do that by removing the ceiling tile and flipping it over. Once you do that, locate the item # on the back of the tile. Enter the item number on our ceiling replacement page to get your match.

Dust and loose dirt may easily be removed by light brushing or with a vacuum cleaner. The best attachments to use are the ones for cleaning upholstery or walls. Make sure to clean in one direction only to prevent rubbing dust into the surface of the ceiling.

After loose dust has been removed, other marks can be easily erased with an ordinary eraser. Although, a fresh wall cleaner may be preferred. 

Mineral fiber ceilings may be cleaned with a moist cloth or a sponge dampened in water containing mild soap. The sponge should contain as little water as possible. After washing, the soapy film should be wiped off with a cloth or sponge slightly dampened in clean water.

Look for the disinfectable and cleanable icons for more information on your specific ceiling tile. You can also download our cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for more information.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) value is the % of sound that can be absorbed by that tile. The best NRC ceiling tiles can absorb up to 95% of sound. Example: An NRC of .95 can absorb 95% of the sound that strikes the tiles surface.

The default and preferred method of payment for Kanopi is to pay online using a credit card (we accept all major credit cards). However, in some cases, you might be able to buy now and pay later using alternate payment methods including a PO, invoice, or check.

Connect with one of our customer service team members by phone at (866) 438-8833, by submitting this form, or chat with us directly on our site to discuss your company's specific payment needs and see if you qualify.

Yes, we accept tax exempt orders for qualifying businesses. You will need to provide your tax exempt certification using the steps below.

  1. Create or login to your Kanopi account.
  2. When logged in, click on the ‘click here to submit certificates’ button.
  3. The platform will guide you through the process until completion.
  4. Once you submit, you will be able to immediately proceed with your purchase(s) exempt from sales tax.

If you have any questions, please connect with our customer support team.

Yes. Kanopi is the eCommerce platform of Armstrong World Industries. It’s just another way to do business with Armstrong Ceiling!
Started in 2020, Kanopi is the direct-to-consumer platform of Armstrong World Industries. Kanopi serves the portion of the market of small general contractors, business owners, general managers, property managers, facility managers, and homeowners. Typically, jobs under 20,000 square feet can be serviced through Kanopi. Armstrong works with national distributors, architects, interior designers, and major commercial projects.
Yes. Almost all of the products sold on are Armstrong Ceilings products. Kanopi will continue to expand its product offering of Armstrong products, as well as additional manufacturers added on in the future.

FIRE GUARD means that the product is engineered and tested as part of a fire resistant system, which includes tile, grid and the structure itself. Please check local building codes requirements for your space. The following link will direct you to additional information and support for Armstrong's Fire Resistant ceiling systems. 

Fire ratings refer to flame spread and smoke development. Ratings indicate how rapidly flame spreads on one surface as compared to another. The flame spread rating is broken into three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C. Class A products have a flame-spread of 25 or less, and smoke developed of 50 or less. Class C products have a flame-spread of 76-200, and smoke developed of 0-450. Class A products are appropriate in the majority of commercial applications and Class C products are appropriate in most residential applications.

No. Acoustical wall panels are attached directly to the wall. Please check your products specific installation instructions for details.
Acoustical wall panels are installed in a variety of methods - check your products specific installation instructions for details. See your products specific installation instructions for more detail or contact us for a free installation quote.
Yes, however, please keep in mind that the size of your room impacts the performance of the wall panels.. The bigger the room, the more wall panels needed. One box of acoustical accents will help control the sound in a standard 10 x 10 room.
The noise in a space is measured by Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), ranging from 0 to 1. Our accent panels have an NRC of 0.85, meaning they absorb 85% of the sound in the space, compare that to a plan drywall which has an NRC of 0.15, and you'll be able to hear the improvement.
The best place to install our acoustical accents in your home are home offices, living areas, or basements. The best place to install in a commercial building are private offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms, or any small to medium sized room where noise is a concern.
Yes and no. If the window is at a reflection point or near a corner for bass trapping, then yes. However, if the window isn’t in a critical area like this, then it’s usually fine to just skip that location and install the panels elsewhere. The sound control of the acoustical wall panels is more about the number of panels in the room or the total surface area of all the panels in the room, rather than where the panels are placed individually.


Acoustical Accents - Square

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