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Increase your restaurant's indoor dining capacity safely

It's finally time to get back to business. Kanopi by Armstrong Ceilings can help your restaurant increase its indoor dining capacity with our new Healthier Spaces Collection of safe ceiling solutions.

Meet new indoor air quality standards

Neutralize 97% of pathogens

Our powerful air purifier works 24/7 using UV-C light to reduce the transmission of viruses

Improve HVAC performance

AirAssure tiles increase efficiency of in-ceiling air filtration and purification systems up to 40%

Ceilings to help increase your capacity

Seal your ceiling to control particle flow and keep more clean air in your restaurant.

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Prefer to call us?

Mon - Fri, 8AM - 8PM EST

Sat, 8AM - 1PM EST

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Prefer to call us?

Mon - Fri, 8AM - 8PM EST

Sat, 8AM - 1PM EST

Sun, 2PM - 6PM EST

Improve indoor air quality

with the combination of VIDASHIELD UV24 Air Purification System and AIRASSURE ceiling tiles

VIDASHIELD UV24 Air Purification System

• Neutralizes 97% of pathogens in the air on the first pass though the unit

• Continuous in-room UV air purification – always on

• No human intervention needed to operate

• Seamlessly integrates with popular Armstrong ceilings and grid

• 2 looks available

Ceiling panels with AIRASSURE seal

• Improves the effectiveness of in-room commercial air filtration systems up to 40%

• Reduces air leakage through the ceiling by 4x

• Easy ceiling replacement option – fits most standard ceiling grids

• Create pressurized spaces with the need for extra clips

• 2 looks available – CALLA and ULTIMA

Popular ceiling tiles for Healthier Spaces

From $226.16 / carton

From $1,999.00 / panel

From $171.84 / carton

From $111.20 / carton

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