Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles Buyers Guide

Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles Buyers Guide

A commercial kitchen ceiling tile design ensures cleanliness, acoustic comfort and easy access to infrastructure elements. While it may not be the first thing you consider when designing a kitchen, the ceiling is an essential element that should never be overlooked.

Where cleanliness and function are paramount, commercial kitchen ceiling tiles offer many benefits. Whether you are building new or retrofitting an existing space with commercial kitchen ceiling tiles, this Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles Buyer’s Guide will help you make the best choice.


What Are Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles?

Kitchen ceiling tiles are square or rectangular tiles typically made of fiberglass or mineral fiber. These tiles are then set into a suspended metal grid to create an expanse of ceiling tiles that is customizable to the size and shape of your space.

Whether for a commercial kitchen, dining area or area for food prep, ceiling tiles allow you to customize the space, adding acoustic comfort, with minimal maintenance and easy access to wiring, ductwork and plumbing.


Advantages of Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Comfort

Anyone who has ever worked in a fast-paced food prep environment understands that things get loud quickly. That’s why food prep ceiling panels are perfect for an industrial restaurant ceiling.

When pots and pans are banging together and orders and instructions are shouted across the room, the acoustic comfort and sound absorption provided by restaurant kitchen ceiling tiles is crucial for the operations to run smoothly.

After all, working in a kitchen is a stressful job to begin with, and it shouldn’t be any harder by working in a noisy environment — especially when it’s so easy to fix.

Sag/Humidity Resistance

The sag and humidity-resistance qualities of restaurant ceiling tiles make them great for an industrial restaurant ceiling where heat and humidity are natural byproducts of cooking. HumiGuard tiles will stay flat, even in high humidity and when HVAC systems are cycled. Their ability to resist sag even in humid conditions means less money will be spent replacing tiles over the years — and those savings can add up.

Easy to Clean

Food grade drop ceiling tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Simply dust the tiles with a soft brush or use a vacuum to remove dirt and dust that builds up over time. For heavier duty cleaning, they can be disinfected with EPA-approved cleaners. This is of significant importance, as restaurants have an increased need to focus on sanitation and safety.


If a tile becomes damaged or stained, you don’t have to replace the entire ceiling to fix it. Drop ceiling tiles are set into a metal grid, so when a tile needs to be replaced, you can remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new tile. In just a few minutes, the ceiling is as good as new.

Convenient Access

Restaurant kitchen ceiling tiles are lightweight and can be lifted from their grid, allowing easy access to wiring, lighting, HVAC, etc. Tiles are easy to remove for targeted maintenance of the systems that are hidden between the drop ceiling and structural ceiling, making completing repairs easier and faster.


Ceiling Tiles for Commercial Kitchens


Armstrong KITCHEN ZONE restaurant ceiling tiles are an affordable option to create a clean and quiet food preparation space. There are more pieces per carton compared to vinyl-covered gypsum options, and the lighter-weight tiles meet USDA/FSIS guidelines and provide a clean and crisp look.

Featured in Kanopi’s Healthier Spaces Collection, these restaurant ceiling tiles are disinfectable with EPA-approved cleaners to help maintain a safe and sanitary space.

ULTIMA Health Zone Ceiling Tiles

ULTIMA Health Zone is one of the best ceiling tiles for kitchens. They meet the commercial kitchen ceiling tile guidelines established by the USDA/FSIS for use in food preparation areas, kitchens and Clean Room assemblies, as well as serving areas. They are water-repellent to ensure that they resist sagging due to humidity, commonly found in food preparation areas.

In addition, ULTIMA Health Zone ceiling tiles are sound-absorbing for comfort in naturally loud and fast-paced areas, and with edge profile and grid size options, you have the flexibility to choose the style that best fits your space and design.


Design Your Commercial Space With Kanopi

Whether you’re looking for commercial restaurant ceiling tiles for a kitchen, food prep area or dining room, look no further than Kanopi by Armstrong. Our clean and crisp tiles will create a restaurant kitchen ceiling design that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Contact an expert at Kanopi today for customized products designed for your culinary space.


Is ceiling tile a good idea for a kitchen?

Yes. Ceiling tiles have great benefits, such as sag, mold, and mildew resistance, making them ideal for any kitchen setting.

What are commercial kitchen ceiling tiles made of?

Commercial kitchen ceiling tiles are made of mineral fiber.

What is the cheapest ceiling tile?

The cheapest Armstrong ceiling tile is Random Textured, which costs $42.62 per carton.

How can I cover my kitchen ceiling cheaply?

The cheapest way to cover a kitchen ceiling depends on a few things. The cost of material for drywall is less than that of a drop ceiling in most instances. However, when adding in labor and maintenance, a drywall ceiling and drop ceiling costs are about the same. 

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