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Commercial Ceiling Tiles from Kanopi by Armstrong

Ceilings with no limit

Let’s face it – most people don’t think about ceilings. But ceilings matter. A lot.

That’s why Kanopi is devoted to making it as easy as possible to do a quick fix or get inspired to do a total renovation. Oh, and we deliver too. You’re welcome. 

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Lucky you. Our tile match tool can help you find exactly what you need. Plus, ordering directly from us makes life *that* much easier.

No. More. Noise.

Noise affects mood and productivity. Our ceiling experts will help you discover how to achieve the perfect acoustic solution.

Get back to business with confidence

Times are changing. Our lives and the spaces we occupy are different than before. With all of the uncertainty, one thing is for sure. You're committed to creating clean, quiet, reassuring spaces for your employees and customers. So are we!

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Check out our shoppable gallery to get that creativity flowing for all types of spaces!

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