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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Can’t hear yourself think?

Noise pollution is more than a headache. It destroys privacy, drives away customers, and leaves workers distracted and unproductive.

Kanopi puts acoustics front and center with a wide range of acoustic ceiling tile options. Whether you want an epic design solution or simple soundproof tiles, we work with your budget and your unique space to give you peace of mind and peace and quiet.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles reduce the sound level

The difference is

Sound likes to bounce around a room. It reflects off of any hard surface it can find – windows, floor, furniture – until it finds something to absorb it.

Because the ceiling is the most expansive surface in a room, it's the easiest place to install absorptive materials to bring down the noise levels.

The Science of Sound

There are usually two reasons why your room is noisy.

There are noisy people and/or things in the room (NRC).
• There are noisy people and/or things in the room next door,
above or below (CAC).

With the right acoustical ceiling, you can solve one or two, or both. That way your employees can have space for privacy and concentration even if the office is buzzing with action.

Peace and quiet is closer than you think

Let’s identify and solve your noise problem together.
One of our ceiling experts is all yours to walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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