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School Ceiling Tiles

Does your ceiling test well?

Kanopi has a huge range of options to transform a learning environment with school ceiling tiles, panels, and systems that consider the needs of both students and teachers.

Whether it’s sound absorption, sound blocking, or a combination of both, our products are also environmentally safe, mold resistant, and graded high for fire protection.

Performance When it Matters

Ceilings from Kanopi have you covered in today’s changing spaces. Look for tiles that are:

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There’s a lot of factors to consider when optimizing a learning environment. Not only do you need good acoustics, studies show that air quality and natural lighting help students understand teachers as well as stay focused and do well on tests. Did you know that there are studies showing that students only understand 1 out of 4 spoken words?

Other studies point to bad lighting and glare as the cause of eye strain and fatigue, both of which mess with student concentration.

For teachers, this is their office and just like a regular office, long hours spent under a dark, dismal ceiling with distracting noises and sound amplification doesn’t help their productivity or mood.

Popular ceiling tiles for Education

From $159.13 / carton

From $138.72 / carton

From $226.16 / carton

From $99.60 / carton

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Kitchen/Food Prep





Faculty Space

Music/Language Room


Restroom/Locker Room

“We received numerous comments about how clean and uncluttered the new ceiling is. It gives the center a completely new and updated look.”

Assistant Superintendent, Lancaster Mennonite High School

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ULTIMA Lay-In and Tegular

A smooth visual ceiling with TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance - sound absorption and blocking needed for today’s flexible spaces.


This economical, non-directional panel is available in standard and high-acoustical absorption options.


The smoothest finish mineral fiber ceiling available with TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance – excellent noise reduction and sound blocking in one product.


A smooth visual ceiling with TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance, sound absorption, and blocking needed for today’s flexible spaces.

What’s best for your changing space?

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