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Office Ceilings

What’s up in your office?

Kanopi has solutions for a better workflow and a happier worker bee.

Our ceiling panels and systems do it all: add more privacy, take down the noise levels, and minimize sound leakage between spaces. We know silence is sooo golden.

Performance When it Matters

Ceilings from Kanopi have you covered in today’s changing spaces. Look for tiles that are:

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Here’s a fun fact: 90% of our time is spent indoors and 8 to 10 hours of that is spent with our colleagues. Ummm, that’s more time than we actually spend with our family, so good office vibes are obviously just as important as your home base.

A study by the Center for Built Environment at the University of California Berkeley says more than 50% of employees blame poor acoustics for not being able to get their job done.

Another UK study reports that 3 in 10 employees lose their concentration because of noise and chatter. More proof that office acoustics are linked to productivity and the bottom line!

Popular ceiling tiles for Offices

From $159.13 / carton

From $544.64 / carton

From $138.72 / carton

From $162.16 / carton

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Open Offices


Conference Room


Private Office

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“We were able to incorporate Armstrong ceiling tiles to absorb AND block sound in a flexible and cost-efficient design.”

Architect, Perkins + Will

“We really liked the clean, modern look of the system. Compared to a traditional ceiling system, it is far less busy.”

Project Manager, Clemmons Architecture

Shop the look

ULTIMA Lay-In and Tegular

The smoothest finish mineral fiber ceiling available with excellent acoustic performance including noise reduction and sound blocking.

OPTIMA Lay-In and Regular

Smooth-textured OPTIMA panels provide excellent acoustical absorption.

CALLA Privassure

The smoothest mineral fiber ceiling available with both TOTAL ACOUSTICS and SUSTAIN performance.


Medium-textured ceiling panel offers TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance.

What’s best for your changing space?

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Our acoustical ceilings and can help contribute to clean, quiet, reassuring spaces while addressing today's ever-changing needs.
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