Basement Ceiling Ideas

Comfortable, affordable, beautiful basement ceiling solutions

Kanopi by Armstrong offers basement ceiling solutions to help you extend your living space while enhancing aesthetics and acoustics.

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Benefits of a finished basement

Add value to your home
Kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels offer the best financial returns for home renovations.

Less expensive than an addition
Although the total cost for a basement renovation can vary, it’s less expensive than building an addition.

Fix existing problems
Take care of ceiling issues you’ve been putting off, like waterproofing and repairing moisture damage.

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Why a drop ceiling for your basement?

Noise control
Ceiling tiles help block the noise from above and absorb the sound from within to create comfortable basement acoustics.

Sag and humidity
Basements can be damp. Install moisture-resistant ceiling tiles that stay flat even in slightly humid conditions.

Easy maintenance
Easily access wiring, mechanical items, or drain and water lines by removing a tile when needed.

Finished look
A drop ceiling gives your basement a finished look. Tiles are available in different sizes, colors, and textures to match your style.

Popular basement ceiling ideas

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of ceiling is best for the basement?

The best ceiling type for the basement is typically a drop ceiling. This type of ceiling aids in sound control, improves light reflectance to brighten up the space, and allows for easy access to any wiring, duct wire, or plumbing above.

What is the cheapest way to cover a basement ceiling?

The cheapest way to cover a ceiling depends on what is needed. The cost of material for drywall is less than that of a drop ceiling in most instances. However, when adding in labor and maintenance, a drywall ceiling and drop ceiling costs are about the same. Learn more about drop ceilings versus drywall ceilings.

What can I use for the basement ceiling?

Most common options for a basement ceiling include a drywall ceiling, drop ceiling (ceiling tiles), or surface mount ceiling, typically wood planks.

What can I use instead of a drop ceiling in the basement?

Other options include a drywall ceiling, which provides a smooth continuous look, or a surface mount ceiling, typically a wood plank ceiling. While these are great options, a drop ceiling usually has the best performance attributes out of the three.

How can I hide pipes, wires, and ductwork in my basement ceiling?

Easily hide pipes, wires, and ductwork in basement ceilings when you install a suspended drop ceiling. A drop ceiling will conceal utilities and wiring while allowing for access when needed.

How can I make my basement ceiling look higher?

Surface mount ceiling tiles are an excellent option for maximizing headroom in your basement. Tiles that attach directly to the ceiling, like 12’ x 12’ ceiling panels or wood-look planks, are easy to install and some even offer sound-blocking properties like Armstrong’s COUNTRY CLASSIC Plank. When you use Armstrong’s EASY UP Installation System with compatible surface mount tiles or planks, you only drop an inch and a half plus the thickness of your product.

Are there specific ceiling tile options suitable for damp or moisture-prone basements?

The best tiles for basements prone to dampness and moisture include KITCHEN ZONE, CLEAN ROOM, CERAMAGUARD, ULTIMA Health Zone, CALLA Heath Zone, TUNDRA, or TECTUM Lay-In and Tegular, or TECTUM Lines.

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