Different types of ceilings | Styles and Materials

Different types of ceilings | Styles and Materials

When deciding on the different types of ceilings that work for your home or business, there are styles (drop ceiling, surface mount) and materials (mineral fiber, fiberglass, wood, metal) to consider. Each style and material has their own advantages and benefits that should be researched before installing.

What are the different types of ceilings?

Installation methods and styles

Drop ceiling
This installation method is most commonly used in commercial businesses, medical facilities, and home basements. Drop ceilings allow easy access to pipes, ducts, and wiring and require less clean-up after installation. These projects can be done as a complete ceiling refresh or you can utilize our patch and match program, to replace a few damaged or old tiles.

Drop ceilings can look very different, depending on the style you choose. Some of the different looks are:

Texture of tiles

Surface mount ceilings
These are also known as “Direct Apply” ceilings. This method maximizes overhead space, helps cover up imperfections in drywall or old popcorn ceilings, and can provide an alternative to an all white ceiling. Our WOODHAVEN product line is a commonly used style for this method.

Bedroom with woodhaven ceiling

Exposed ceiling
This style of ceiling leaves the structural and mechanical systems exposed, creating an industrial aesthetic. Because of all of the open space and hard surfaces, though, noise problems will arise. Take a look at sound absorbing, direct apply panels like INVISACOUSTICS, shown below.

Lobby with exposed ceiling

Ceiling Materials

Mineral Fiber Ceiling
Our most popular type of ceiling. This material offers acoustic benefits, reducing noise by up to 95%, and has superior mold and sag resistance in some tiles.
Lobby with mineral fiber ceiling

Fiberglass Ceiling
These tiles are lightweight, easy-to-clean and install, and offer a variety of noise reduction and moisture resistant properties.Fiberglass ceiling

TECTUM Wood Fiber Ceiling
TECTUM ceiling panels are highly sustainable and durable, providing noise control for many different spaces like pools and gyms.TECTUM Wood Fiber

Metal Ceiling
Get the combination of performance (washable, scrubbable, impact- and soil- resistant) and looks (smooth and sleek design) with metal ceiling panels.
Metal ceiling

Wood-look MDF Ceiling
For residential use only, wood-look ceiling planks are a stylish and super popular product for homes and some finishes can even be used on walls.
Wood-look MDF Ceiling

No matter what style or material you decide, Kanopi by Armstrong has the right ceiling for you.

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Which ceiling type is best?

The best ceiling type depends on a lot of different aspects of the space. There are different performance attributes that a ceiling might need, different textures that are important to a room, or a multitude of different elements.

What is the most common ceiling?

Historically, the most common ceiling type has been popcorn ceilings because of their price, the low maintenance, and the ease of installation. In recent years, growing more and more popular are wood look ceilings, decorative ceilings, and drop ceilings.

How do you install ceiling tiles?

For most DIY-ers installing a drop ceiling is something that can be done quickly. Some of our products require better technical skills, more time planning and measuring, and more tools, like metal shears. Be sure to read our how-to install drop ceiling guide.

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