6 sleek ceiling tile colors for your commercial space

6 sleek ceiling tile colors for your commercial space

Designing a commercial space is not without its challenges. Large spaces, unique needs and branding all come together, requiring creativity and thoughtful design choices to create the ideal space.

In a commercial space, drop ceilings are a popular option for many reasons. They conceal the structural ceiling, hide ductwork and electrical wiring, and provide acoustic comfort. Drop ceilings often go unnoticed or are thought of as purely functional. You may remember them from your days in school where they glowed white against flickering fluorescent lights.

Today’s drop ceiling tiles come in a variety of colors and styles that fit with any design aesthetic. The variety of ceiling tile colors that are available allow you to recreate the look of concrete, make a nod to the past with pewter or copper, or even create a soothing calm with earthy neutrals.

For a dramatic upgrade, check out these six creative ceiling tile colors for your commercial space that will steal the show.

1. Up the drama with black

Classroom with black ceiling

For added drama and unexpected flair, black ceiling tiles can be installed in large spaces to help to create a sense of connection and cohesion. Black ceiling tiles also have the same performance as white-toned tiles. In the picture above, the sections of dark tiles are strategically placed above tables to block and absorb sound. And when they’re paired with lighter elements such as a light floor or wood chairs, they make a statement that can’t be ignored.

2. Concrete adds an industrial edge

Office with concrete ceiling

Industrial design is popular in large spaces that feature high ceilings and exposed ductwork. Concrete floors are an expected design element for an industrial design, but a ‘concrete’ ceiling will take people by surprise.

Concrete-colored surface mount ceiling tiles can give you the cooling effect of concrete but in a lightweight panel that is installed quickly and easily. Installing a ceiling that mimics the appearance of concrete creates the industrial style you're looking for with the additional benefits of acoustic support, as they absorb sound that concrete spaces can't while blending in with your overall design.

3. Reinvigorate the past with white tincraft

Room with white tincraft ceiling

If you prefer to stick with white, you have the option to add dimension with white TINCRAFT suspended ceiling tiles. These high sound blocking tiles are reminiscent of an old-fashioned plaster ceiling but without the weight or mess, and they allow you to create a statement ceiling that looks beautiful AND enhances the acoustic performance of the room.

This style is also offered in Pewter and Silver to recreate a stamped metal design or Copper to reproduce a rustic, old-world look.

4. Keep it neutral with ivory

Hallway with ivory ceiling

In a beautiful earth-toned space, bright white ceiling tiles can be jarring and clinical. If you want to keep the ceiling light but don’t want to disrupt the aesthetic, ivory ceiling tiles are an ideal choice.

Designs for 2021 are trending towards deep earthy colors, and ivory-colored suspended ceiling tiles are the perfect match. In addition, the excellent acoustic sound absorption and sound blocking from CIRRUS ceiling tiles will create a comfortable and functional space.

5. Unfinished and paintable

Restaurant with unfinished ceiling

The ultimate in customization, you can request unfinished ceiling tiles and paint them on-site to get the perfect color for your space. This allows you to seamlessly incorporate them into any design and aesthetic.

INVISACOUSTICS ceiling panels are ideal for open spaces with exposed structural elements. In a large space where sound can become overwhelming, they help to control noise for a comfortable and beautiful space.

6. Grey stone

Restaurant with grey ceiling

Grey stone-colored ceiling tiles add a calming, grounding effect to a space that has a lot of other design elements. Bright white ceiling tiles can draw attention upward while grey is understated enough to let light fixtures, brickwork and other design elements shine through. You can also choose a ceiling grid in the same color to create design continuity.

Create a sleek ceiling with Kanopi colored ceiling tiles

Far from boring, Kanopi offers ceiling tiles in a variety of colors, each crafted to complete the room’s design. While a ceiling can be an underutilized design element, colored suspended ceiling tiles ensure that your ceiling won’t go unnoticed. And when paired with a coordinating grid, you’ll get a finished look that’s both stunning and functional.

Whether you’re designing a classroom, healthcare facility, office, restaurant or store, Kanopi colored ceiling tiles offer the best in sound blocking and sound absorption as well as a sleek appearance that will perfectly complement your design.

Contact the experts at Kanopi today for help choosing the ceiling tile color that’s right for you.


Can you paint ceiling tiles?

All tiles and panels (except fiberglass) are OK with latex paints. The front and back of 24-in x 24-in and 24-in x 48-in panels should both be painted.
But please note, we can’t guarantee the surface-burning characteristics, fire-resistance ratings, acoustical performance, dimensional stability/sag, or light reflectance will stay the same after repainting. Additionally, painting the tile voids any warranty.

What type of ceiling tile is best?

The type of ceiling tile that is best depends on what the goal is for your space. We have a variety of ceiling tiles available and experts to help guide you through which tile is best for your space. Try our ceiling selector today to see which tile fits your needs.

What are the tiles on ceilings called?

Tiles on the ceiling are called a variety of things: drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop-in ceiling, ceiling tiles.

How do I choose ceiling tiles?

Choosing ceiling tiles can be overwhelming. There are styles (drop ceiling, surface mount) and materials (mineral fiber, fiberglass, wood, metal) to consider. Each style and material has their own advantages and benefits that should be researched before installing. If you need assistance, connect with our expert customer support team or try our ceiling selector to help you decide.

How do you install ceiling tiles?

For most DIY-ers installing a drop ceiling is something that can be done quickly. Some of our products require better technical skills, more time planning and measuring, and more tools, like metal shears. Be sure to read our how-to install drop ceiling guide.

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