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Drop ceiling installation for advanced DIYers

Drop ceiling installation for advanced DIYers

Learning to do a drop ceiling installation can be a rewarding experience and a money-saving skill. Before you get started on your next project, make sure to review the safety reminders, helpful hints, a list of tools needed, and detailed instructions.

Some of our products require better technical DIY skills, more time planning and measuring, and more tools, like metal shears. And if you find that you aren't ready for this project, be sure to connect with our certified installation team!

Ceiling Projects for Experienced DIYers

Drop Ceiling Installation using grid pieces:

Starting from scratch requires a lot of planning and precision. It requires better technical DIY skills, more measuring and more tools, like metal shears.

Drop ceiling installation instructions

Drop ceilings using QUICKHANG Installation Kits (residential spaces only):

These kits come with all the parts you need to install a drop ceiling and an easy-to-use hook and bracket for squaring and leveling. You can achieve a variety of looks, with options ranging from 2’ x 2’ kits in white and black and a 2’ x 4’ kit in white.

QUICKHANG installation instructions

Additional Resources:

Installation tips for installers

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