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Are Class A fire rated ceiling tiles necessary?

Are Class A fire rated ceiling tiles necessary?

In short, yes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department in the U.S. responded to a fire every 24 seconds in 2019. Over the course of the year, local fire departments responded to approximately 1.3 million fires. Of these, 37% were structure fires with 120,000 occurring in non-residential structures and another 6% occurring in apartment buildings. So it stands to reason that incorporating any building materials that would slow the spread of a fire would be a smart choice.

The necessity of fire rated ceiling tiles depends on the type of building. Residential buildings don’t necessarily require fire rated ceiling tiles, however, the commercial code requires them in commercial spaces.

If you’re building or renovating a structure, it’s imperative that you consult with your local fire marshal or inspector to ensure that you’re following the appropriate codes and installing the correct materials.

What are fire rated materials?

The National Fire Protection Association rates materials based on their resistance to fire and flame spread. The flame spread rating of a material refers to how rapidly flame spreads on one surface as compared to another. The flame spread rating is broken into three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C.

Class A rated materials include inorganic materials such as brick, gypsum board or concrete that have a high resistance to fire, whereas Class B and Class C materials are those that burn more quickly, like wood or particle board.

Why are fire rated ceiling tiles necessary?

In the event that a fire breaks out in a building, preventing its spread and giving people time to escape are the highest priorities. Since it takes longer for fire to destroy fire-resistant materials, it gives people more time to get out of the building and more time for firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as fireproof ceiling tiles, however, Class A fire rated materials prevent the spread of severe fires and can withstand severe fire exposure. This is important because not only does it help preserve as much of the building as possible, but it helps to prevent the spread of fire to other areas of the building or neighboring buildings.

Where to install fire rated products by Kanopi

Commercial kitchens

Of all places where fire retardant ceiling tiles are necessary, a commercial kitchen is at the top of the list. Each year, over 7,000 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments are reported to U.S. fire departments, according to NFPA data from 2010 to 2014. The leading cause is cooking equipment, followed by electrical distribution and lighting and heating equipment.

It is extremely important, and required, to install Class A fire rated ceiling tiles in a commercial kitchen. In addition to fire rated ceiling panels, Kitchen Zone products are affordable, lighter weight, and meet USDA/FSIS guidelines.


Meeting spaces

In modern meeting spaces, a fire rated acoustical ceiling with OPTIMA Vector fireproof drop ceiling tiles provides the excellent sound absorption that is needed for today’s flexible spaces. A fully concealed suspension system lets you create a monolithic look without losing the accessibility offered by a fire rated suspended ceiling.


Movie theaters

In crowded spaces like movie theaters, Class A heat resistant ceiling panels paired with a PRELUDE Plus suspension system creates a fire rated suspended ceiling that also provides the acoustic comfort needed to create a comfortable viewing experience. FINE FISSURED ceiling tiles are available in multiple colors, including black to help darken the theater and allow moviegoers to experience the movie in safety.


Schools and universities

Tile floors and open hallways can create an overwhelming amount of noise, but fire resistant ceiling panels not only protect against fire, they also have sound blocking and sound absorption qualities to control the noise produced from large groups travelling through the halls.

Installing a SUPRAFINEXL Fire Guard tee system increases the suspended ceiling’s fire resistance, and the hot-dipped galvanized coating inhibits red rusting better than other systems, to keep the ceiling looking great with less maintenance.



Fire spreads quickly in open spaces where there are no barriers to block it. That’s why fire rated suspended ceiling tiles are an important part of the fire and building codes. With little to block the spread, heat resistant ceiling panels are a key defense against a fire.


Dining areas

Class A fire retardant ceiling tiles are essential in dining areas where people gather and relax. In the event of a fire, a crowded space is difficult to empty, so slowing the spread of fire is the key to getting people out of the building safely.

Protect your space with Kanopi

In the event of a fire, fire resistant ceiling panels could mean the difference between a good ending or tragedy. Kanopi’s ceiling tiles are Class A fire rated making them compliant with building codes, though it is still important to check on the drop ceiling fire code in your specific area.

Contact the experts at Kanopi today to choose the best fire rated drop ceiling tiles for your project.

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