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Washable ceiling tiles

Washable ceiling tiles

With the pandemic creating new concerns in all types of spaces, CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting make it imperative to select materials you can rely on to create healthier, safer spaces. Cleanable ceiling tiles are recommended for most spaces, including offices, schools, doctors offices, containment/Isolation rooms, clean rooms, laboratories & pharmacies, food prep areas, and any type of space requiring disinfection and cleaning.

Armstrong's team of experts have done all the testing on our products, including panels, suspension systems, and trims to ensure you can clean with confidence.​ Due to differences in the finishes and textures of our various ceiling, wall and suspension system products, each product or product family requires a different method of cleaning.

As a general rule of thumb, follow these points and use our specific, downloadable guides below for your particular product:
• It is recommended that only clear mild detergent cleaners be used, as dyed liquids can permanently discolor the finish of some ceiling tiles.
• Cleaning is only recommended for the finished face of the ceiling and wall panels.
Mineral fiber and fiberglass ceiling and wall panels should never be soaked in water or other liquids.

Review our cleaning guidelines for recommended cleaning and disinfecting methods.

These are the main things you’re going to need to effectively clean drop ceiling tiles:
• Safety equipment – You’re going to need some safety glasses and a dust mask.
• Vacuum with soft brush – This is going to make removing dust a lot easier, but there are alternatives you can use.
• A high-quality duster – This can be an effective alternative to a vacuum. However, you need to ensure it is of high enough quality that it won’t get snagged on your ceiling tiles.
• Ladder – Likely going to be needed to get up to your ceiling tiles in the first place.
• Lint-free cloth –Used to wipe the tiles, if applicable.
• Cleaning solution – This should just be a clear mild detergent, you don’t need any harsh chemicals to clean drop ceiling tiles.
• Dust sheet – This will help contain any dropped dust.
• Bucket and sponge

3 different ways to disinfect

It's also important to note, not only if a tile can be cleaned, but also how it should be disinfected. Our ceiling tiles can be disinfected 3 different ways: Fog, Spray, or Wipe. Keep in mind that for each way, tiles may be disinfected according to CDC recommendations using EPA-approved disinfectant cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines.


Armstrong ceiling tiles that are cleanable

1. ULTIMA Health Zone

ULTIMA Health Zone

Smooth-textured ULTIMA Health Zone ceiling tiles meet USDA/FSIS guidelines for use in food preparation areas, kitchens, and Clean Room assemblies, is water-repellent, and provides excellent sound absorption and blocking to help address HIPAA requirements.




The Armstrong CLEANROOM ceilings are washable, scrubbable, soil-resistant, and meet all USDA/FSIS and controlled environment guidelines.


3. ULTIMA Vector


A smooth visual ceiling with excellent sound absorption and blocking needed for today’s flexible spaces. ULTIMA Vector tiles give the look of a fully concealed suspension system that creates a monolithic look with accessibility.


4. LYRA Plant Based (PB)

LYRA Plant Based (PB)

LYRA Plant Based (PB) ceiling tiles are smooth, white, drywall-like ceiling tiles with excellent noise reduction and sound blocking for open plan areas, available in a wide variety of sizes.

Find cleanable ceiling tiles with Kanopi

It’s easy to find your next ceiling with Kanopi by Armstrong. We have a wide selection of ceiling tiles, so you’re sure to find the perfect combination of ceiling tiles that are cleanable and disinfectable.

Contact an expert at Kanopi today to design a healthy ceiling that you can be confident in keeping clean.


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