Energy Saving Ceilings

Energy Saving Ceilings

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Energy Saving
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ULTIMA Templok
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Energy Saving Ceilings

Revolutionize your space when you install energy-saving ceiling tiles. Kick-off or continue your dedication to energy efficiency with Armstrong World Industries’ ULTIMA Templok ceiling tiles featuring Phase Change Material (PCM) technology.


Ceiling tiles that save energy

How does Phase Change Material (PCM) technology save energy and money? PCM-backed ceiling tiles store and release heat as the temperature of your space changes. This helps to regulate temps and therefore decreases the load on HVAC systems.


How do energy-efficient ULTIMA Templok ceiling tiles work?

Templok ceilings use a specially designed Phase Change Material (PCM) technology that melts and freezes around 72°F. During warm periods, the PCM gradually melts and passively cools the space while also trapping the excess heat. The stored heat can be released back to the building at night as temperature drops, re-freezing the PCM. During cool periods, and in a building that naturally gains excess heat during the day, the PCM can help to retain the excess heat to keep the building warmer at night.


What are the benefits of Templok ceiling tiles?

Drop ceiling grids with ceiling tiles backed with PCM technology contribute to a more comfortable environment while decreasing energy consumption. The primary benefits include improved thermal comfort including reduced hot/hold complaints, reduced heating and cooling costs, and more efficient HVAC operations. 


How can a ceiling help with energy cost and consumption?

Temperature regulation allows for reduced HVAC operating costs and energy consumption. Energy Saving Ceilings are an easy way to contribute to your overall energy and cost savings initiatives. 


Benefits of energy-saving ceiling tiles

Advantages range based on the amount of tiles installed and the local climate. Installing energy-saving ceiling tiles with a passive heating and cooling backing, like ULTIMA Templok reduces energy costs and consumption. 


Innovative Technology

Armstrong World Industries is a leader in researching and implementing interior building materials engineered for thermal efficiency and how they regulate temperature, optimizing energy usage.


Installation and Compatibility

Armstrong ULTIMA Templok ceiling tiles are compatible with the SUPRAFINE XL 9/16" Exposed Tee System and can be integrated into various spaces due to their extensive performance features. 


What are the best applications for Templok ceiling tiles? 

Spaces with large temperature variations caused by the climate or the presence of heat-generating sources during the day. Healthcare facilities, offices, and schools will benefit greatly from the cost savings.


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