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1-1/2 CLEAN ROOM Co-Extruded

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144" Main Beam

/carton (12 pieces)

Reg:$984.53/carton (12 pieces)

/carton (12 pieces)

Item #: EA7903

24" Cross Tee

/carton (36 pieces)

Reg:$389.64/carton (36 pieces)

/carton (36 pieces)

Item #: EA7927

48" Cross Tee

/carton (36 pieces)

Reg:$779.28/carton (36 pieces)

/carton (36 pieces)

Item #: EA7947

144" Molding

/carton (30 pieces)

Reg:$1,579.82/carton (30 pieces)

/carton (30 pieces)

Item #: EA7813


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What do these features mean?

144" Main Beam

  • Product dimensions: 144" x 1-1/2
  • Package quantity: 12
  • Weight: 55lbs

24" Cross Tee

  • Product dimensions: 24" x 1-1/2
  • Package quantity: 36
  • Weight: 29lbs

48" Cross Tee

  • Product dimensions: 48" x 1-1/2
  • Package quantity: 36
  • Weight: 55lbs

144" Wall Molding

  • Product dimensions: 144" x 1-1/2
  • Package quantity: 30
  • Weight: 42lbs

Learn how to install a ceiling from start to finish in this 20 minute ceiling apprentice course/video.

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Most Armstrong ceilings and grid have a 30-year limited systems warranty when installed together and used under normal conditions. Most Armstrong grid has a stand-alone 10-year limited warranty. Get the specifics:

Learn more about our commercial suspension systems warranty

Learn more about our ceiling system warranty

Due to the carton sizes and weights, ceiling grid deliveries could be dropped off in a large wooden crate or as loose cartons. You can place a note on your order during checkout for special delivery instructions.

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    Frequently asked questions

    There are many parts and pieces in a grid system. See the image below for the anatomy of a drop ceiling grid system.



    A. Main Beams carry the load of the grid system, typically 12’ or 6’.
    B. Cross Tees are the supporting grid pieces that attach perpendicular to the main beams, helping  create the 24” x 24” or 24” x 48” openings needed for your tiles.
    C. Wall Moldings are used as finishing trim to hang against the walls in the space.
    D. Ceiling Tiles are the tiles used to make up the drop ceiling.
    E. Hanger Wires attach to the ceiling joists and are how the main beams and cross tees hang.
    F. Plenum is the area or space in between the drop ceiling and the structure above, typically floor  joists or an old ceiling.

    Included in the grid system are main beams, wall moldings, cross tees, and hanger wires.
    • Main beams carry the load of the grid system
    • Wall moldings are used as a finishing trim to hang against the walls in the space
    • Cross tees are the supporting grid pieces that attach perpendicular to the main beams, helping create the 24” x 24” or 24” x 48” opening needed for your tiles. Alternate cross tee sizes are also available for less common tile sizes.
    • Hanger wires attach to the ceiling joists and are how the main beams and cross tees hang
    ML and XL describe how main beams and cross tees attach to one another. The ML is a hook grid system and the XL is a stab grid system. The XL is required for seismic and specialty ceiling applications but is also the most common connection type across the United States.
    The type of grid system needed is dependent on a few different things. First thing to consider is what size and type of tiles will be used within the space. Another thing to consider is the look you want. We have grid systems available in many styles and sizes. Additionally, you have unique circumstances to consider. We have grid systems for use in seismic areas, fire rated grids, as well as grids used for Clean Rooms. As always, reach out to one of our customer support experts or our installation services team for guidance on your specific circumstance.
    Installing a ceiling grid requires planning and skilled work. We have many resources available to walk you through the process. Check out this video and always make sure to follow the installation instructions [PDF] included in the system. If you aren’t ready to tackle the challenge, we have a full-service certified installation team ready to help with completing your project from start to finish.
    Yes, our ceiling grids can be cleaned. Our grid components are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, with a corrosion-resistant zinc finish protecting it from rust. Refer to our cleaning guide [PDF] and disinfecting guide [PDF] for more info.
    A 3” drop from the face of the grid is the minimum clearance needed for a drop/suspended ceiling. It’s not only a matter of getting the boards in, but the installers need room to twist the hanger wires, etc. Fiberglass is, of course, easiest to work with in the minimum clearance situation. More clearance can be given whenever possible to make the installation easier.

    The default and preferred method of payment for Kanopi is to pay online using a credit card (we accept all major credit cards). However, in some cases, you might be able to buy now and pay later using alternate payment methods including a PO, invoice, or check.

    Connect with one of our customer service team members by phone at (866) 438-8833, by submitting this form, or chat with us directly on our site to discuss your company's specific payment needs and see if you qualify.

    Yes, we accept tax exempt orders for qualifying businesses. You will need to provide your tax exempt certification using the steps below.

    1. Create or login to your Kanopi account.
    2. When logged in, click on the ‘click here to submit certificates’ button.
    3. The platform will guide you through the process until completion.
    4. Once you submit, you will be able to immediately proceed with your purchase(s) exempt from sales tax.

    If you have any questions, please connect with our customer support team.

    There is no minimum order requirement on However, to qualify for free shipping your order must be over $750.

    Yes. Kanopi is the eCommerce platform of Armstrong World Industries. It’s just another way to do business with Armstrong Ceiling!
    Started in 2020, Kanopi is the direct-to-consumer platform of Armstrong World Industries. Kanopi serves the portion of the market of small general contractors, business owners, general managers, property managers, facility managers, and homeowners. Typically, jobs under 20,000 square feet can be serviced through Kanopi. Armstrong works with national distributors, architects, interior designers, and major commercial projects.
    Yes. Almost all of the products sold on are Armstrong Ceilings products. Kanopi will continue to expand its product offering of Armstrong products, as well as additional manufacturers added on in the future.

    FIRE GUARD means that the product is engineered and tested as part of a fire resistant system, which includes tile, grid and the structure itself. Please check local building codes requirements for your space. The following link will direct you to additional information and support for Armstrong's Fire Resistant ceiling systems. 

    Fire ratings refer to flame spread and smoke development. Ratings indicate how rapidly flame spreads on one surface as compared to another. The flame spread rating is broken into three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C. Class A products have a flame-spread of 25 or less, and smoke developed of 50 or less. Class C products have a flame-spread of 76-200, and smoke developed of 0-450. Class A products are appropriate in the majority of commercial applications and Class C products are appropriate in most residential applications.


    1-1/2 CLEAN ROOM Co-Extruded

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