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Cooledge FABRICore Recessed Mounting Kit

Item #: LACC-RC-K

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  • Mounting style: Recessed
  • Product size: 48" x 48" x 7/12"
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 5 lbs

Each FABRICore fixture replaces the equivalent of 4 typical (24” x 24”) fixtures, reducing installation time and cost. Learn how to install FABRICore with this quick installation guide video.

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Due to their size, deliveries of 3 or more Cooledge fixtures will arrive on shipping pallets. You can place a note on your order during checkout for special delivery instructions.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Lumens are the basic measurement unit for the amount of light being provided by a light source or a light fixture. More lumens means more light.
    Light color is rated for warmth or coolness using values measured in degrees Kelvin. Lower numbers indicate warmer colors and higher numbers are used for cooler colors.
    There are examples of different sizes of rooms available here. If you require a more detailed evaluation of your space, we have experts standing by to help.

    The method of installation will depend on the model you have selected based on the mounting type. Kanopi offers installation services as part of our full solution.

    Download installation instructions.

    In general, FABRICore light fixtures require little or no maintenance; however, if there is a need to handle or clean the luminaires there are some easy steps available to do so.

    Download handling and maintenance instructions.

    Traditional light fixtures are generally smaller and have no ability to reduce noise.

    The large size of FABRICore fixtures provide a more natural type of lighting and also allows them to be excellent sound absorbers to reduce the ambient noise in your space.

    LED lights don’t “burn out” like traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights.

    They have a “useful life” that depends on where they are being used. LEDs slowly (very slowly) fade over a long period time until there not enough light coming out of them to properly illuminate the space.

    FABRICore fixtures are rated to have 80% of the original amount of light after 75,000 hours of operation (“L80 = 75,000hr”). This means that if they are on for 12 hours per day, they will still be providing about 8000 lumens of light after 17 years.

    Traditional light fixtures DON’T absorb sound. That’s what makes FABRICore unique! The fixtures are made with special sound absorbing materials that capture sound waves and prevent them from being reflected back into the room as noise. Just as importantly, their large size is the key to providing enough surface area for the sound to reach these materials. FABRICore has been tested by a world-renowned acoustics laboratory and found to be highly effective at reducing noise – the suspended model has an NRC rating of 1.0 where 0 means no sound absorption and 1.0 is the best possible absorption.
    That depends on what we mean by a “normal light” but one of the biggest reasons to choose an LED-based light fixture is to save energy. Compared to fluorescent lighting FABRICore fixtures will save a significant amount of energy and are comparable to other LED light fixtures used for general lighting.


    Cooledge FABRICore Recessed Mounting Kit

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