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Ideas for covering an old ceiling

Ideas for covering an old ceiling

Covering an old ceiling may sound like an impossible task, but it's not! Whether you want to cover your plain, ugly, or damaged ceilings or an old drop ceiling, we can help. Even that popcorn ceiling can disappear without messy sanding or scraping. Check out the options below for the different ways to cover up an eyesore and add some flair to your space, making you thrilled to LOOK UP!


What to Cover Up

Old Drop Ceiling

Hide an old drop ceiling grid without tearing it down! Just remove the old ceiling panels, snap EASY UP clips to the existing grid, and position boards into place.



Damaged Ceilings or Plain Drywall

Have a stained ceiling? Or boring drywall and want to make a statement with your ceiling? Cover it up rather than tearing it down. Cover using our WOODHAVEN Planks with the EASY UP Installation System to hide the mess and give your space an entirely new feel.


Dated Plaster or Popcorn Ceiling

Similar to covering a stained ceiling, covering the texture of a popcorn ceiling is much easier than scraping and sanding it down. You'll save time and avoid a mess. Covering this can be done with WOODHAVEN Planks and the EASY UP Installation System too.


With a variety of options available from Kanopi, you can find the look you want on a budget that doesn’t break the bank. When unexpected damage strikes your ceilings, or you decided that a fresh look is better, feel at peace knowing that replacing a few panels, an entire ceiling, or even covering up damage is easier and quicker than you imagined.


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