Sophisticated style with faux tin ceiling tiles

Sophisticated style with faux tin ceiling tiles

Stylish faux tin ceilings

The sophisticated look of an old-world tin ceiling is timeless but can be very expensive. Did you know you can achieve the charm for a fraction of the cost with faux tin or faux metal ceiling tiles? While traditional tin ceiling tiles can be costly to install or restore, we’re here to help you learn about cost-effective, decorative, faux tin tile options that you’ll love for your business or home.

Why faux tin or metal for your ceiling?

Here are some of the advantages of installing faux tin ceiling tiles vs. actual metal.

  • Less expensive

  • Better acoustics

  • Variety of finishes and designs

  • Durable, cleanable, and low-maintenance

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Class A Fire Rating

Choosing the right faux tin for your space

With various sizes, finishes, performance features, and costs, it’s important to pick which faux tin or metal look will work best with your ceiling and your space. While most tin tiles come in a 12”x12” or 24”x24” square, they do vary in edge type and installation method. A few of our favorite options are outlined below.

Faux tin for your business or your home

Boutiques, breweries, and small businesses love the look of an old-world tin tile but acoustics can suffer. Not with TINCRAFT ceiling tiles! Businesses and homes with TINCRAFT tiles benefit from sound-blocking properties to help curb excess noise. A great option for installing in a suspended ceiling grid system, the 24” x 24” faux tin ceiling tiles are available in multiple finishes and offer classic patterns to deliver the new ceiling look with an old-world feel.

Cottage chic at home

Turn up the cozy, chic look and turn down the noise in your home when you install 12” x 12” TINTILE ceiling tiles. From basements to kitchens and all the places in between, they deliver the look while helping to block sound. Paint TINTILE to match your aesthetic and enjoy the ease of installation with their tongue-and-groove, direct-apply method, perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Affordable modern vintage

Even faux tin tiles can add up, if you’re on a budget and looking to renovate your home with the look of a tin or metal ceiling, Circles ceiling tiles are right for you. A popular and cost-effective ceiling tile, Circles faux tin, delivers vintage vibes for less. The pattern is classic, minimal, and easy to paint. Installation of the 12” x 12” tongue-and-groove ceiling tile is painless when you directly apply making them great for weekend warriors.

Transform your space

Sophisticated WELLINGTON faux tin ceiling tiles set a classy scene with their timeless, ornate pattern. Popular for kitchens and living spaces, WELLINGTON decorative 12" x 12" tiles can be painted to match any decor. They attach directly to the ceiling, making installing WELLINGTON a great project for DIYers who want a metal-look style with modern, lightweight, acoustic ceiling tiles.

Faux tin or metal ceiling tile installation

There are 3 main ways to install faux tin or metal ceiling tiles. When selecting your product, it’s important to evaluate the recommended installation method and see if that is compatible with your existing ceiling.

  • Suspended ceiling grid: TINCRAFT faux tin ceiling tiles can be installed using the SUPRAFINE XL 9/16" Exposed Tee System in coordinating colors. This installation method is recommended for commercial spaces and allows access to the utilities and wiring in the plenum.

  • Direct-attach: For residential use, you can use the manufacturer’s suggested adhesive. This method uses minimal tools and is as easy as ‘gluing’ panels to your ceiling.

  • Armstrong's EASY UP Installation System: Install direct-attach faux tin tiles using the EASY UP Installation System. This track and clip system helps maximize ceiling height and is DIY-friendly.


    Whether you’re covering a popcorn ceiling, looking for a new look, or renovating your whole space, consider faux tin or metal ceiling tiles. Achieving high design doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Remember, lightweight, faux tin ceiling tiles for your space when you want the look, but not the price tag.


    Are faux tin ceiling tiles suitable for all rooms?

    Faux tin ceiling tiles are great for living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, lobbies, or even the front of the house in retail and restaurant applications. However, faux tin or metal-look ceiling tiles are best installed in areas with low to no humidity. Different products have different performance features, be sure to check the recommendations for the product that meets the needs of your room.

    How do faux metal ceiling tiles compare to real metal tiles in terms of appearance?

    Faux metal ceiling tiles are designed to look like real metal and tin tiles with their finishes and textures but are typically made from materials such as PVC, fiberglass, or other materials. Faux metal tiles closely resemble actual metal tiles, especially from a distance. Real metal tiles have a metallic sheen that can be difficult to replicate exactly.

    Are faux metal ceiling tiles fire-resistant?

    All four faux metal/tin looks available from Kanopi By Armstrong (TINCRAFT, TINTILE, Circles, and WELLINGTON) have a Class A Fire Rating.

    Can faux metal or faux tin tiles be used in outdoor applications?

    No, they are not recommended for outdoor installation.

    How do faux tin or metal ceiling tiles handle humidity and moisture?

    Each faux tin ceiling tile will have different performance features when it comes to sag and humidity resistance. Review your desired product’s rating and make sure it is compatible with your space before ordering.

    Can faux tin ceiling tiles be installed over existing ceilings?

    Yes, faux tin or metal ceiling tiles are great for covering popcorn or attaching directly to a drywall ceiling. You’ll want to look for ‘direct attach’ installation methods and use the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive or check out Armstrong’s EASY UP Installation System.

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